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I.CHEEWAWA Wins a Silver and Bronze Medal at International Bloody Mary Competition


Baton Rouge, LA – I.CHEEWAWA Specialty Products was recently honored with a Silver medal at the fifth annual Drunken Tomato Awards. Their award-winning product was applauded by an expert panel of professional Bloody Mary judges due to I.CHEEWAWA’s Bloody Mary Mix, Silver medal awarded in the seasoning division and Bronze in the Hot & Spicy division.  Here are just a few quotes from the judges. SO GOOD!!  It’s really good and unique.  Absolutely Delicious!  This seasoning knocks it out of the park with the flavor!                                                                                                                                               

Quote from the President:  We are very excited about our wins in this year’s international competition! 


We at I.CHEEWAWA SPECIALTY PRODUCTS want the world to enjoy what we have created!


The Drunken Tomato Awards is an international Bloody Mary competition that rewards the hard work and passion of industry manufacturers who produce superior products. By utilizing a blind taste testing environment, industry influencers from across the nation are able to provide unbiased feedback that assists consumers in discovering reliable, quality mixes.

“The Drunken Tomato Awards represent a standard of achievement within the Bloody Mary community,” said company Founder, Shelley Buchanan. “As indicators of exceptional quality, our medals quite simply let you know who makes the best Bloody Mary mixes in the world.”




How It All Began

Our Story began from a desire to have a product that was delicious to enjoy on just about everything.  Having looked far and wide for such product to no avail, we set out to create our perfect seasoning.  Using our different backgrounds and experiences in cooking, we achieved our perfect seasoning.  It was an absolute must that we have Zero Salt and with that established, we proceeded to formulate.  Habanero instead of cayenne for the spice, because the heat connoisseur within us, was important to please.  The aromatic blend of smoked paprika, along with garlic, onion and parsley blend together so beautifully, they were an absolute must.  
Thus, how Latin and Cajun became one!

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